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 CATI Services
We have capabilities to dial out B2B professionals ( CXO, Directors, Senior and Middle Management staff, Dealers, Distributors, Retailers), Healthcare professionals ( across all stake holders. i.e. physicians across specialties, patients, care takers, pharmacists, nurses, etc.), IT professionals ( CIO, CTO, Technology leaders, IT heads, IT Manager) and Consumers. We have in-house survey programmers and translators; so ideally we could field a study from setup, project management, programming to tabulations; Depending on the requirements of the Client.

We at CAMP Research currently from our CATI call center have capabilities to cater services to India and Bangladesh only. But in near future we have a plan of providing same quality of services to other Asia Pacific countries like China, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Australia , Sri Lanka and Middle East Region : UAE, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Egypt, and Turkey.

Contact : Mr.Nirmalya Ghosh
Phone : 91- 9874648188

Global Client: USA, UK, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, China, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, UAE